NBN Battery Replacement

If your NBN Connection Box is powered by a power supply and battery backup unit you may be required to change the batteries.

The alarm in your power supply and battery backup unit will beep if the battery is running low on power and needs replacing. The beeping noise becomes more frequent as the battery drops down to a critically low level.

You need to purchase a new battery of identical type and rating to the original. The battery you need is a 12V/7Ah (or 7.2Ah) AGM sealed lead acid battery.

SECURITY by Drypower 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Alarm Systems. Replaces BP7-12, PS1270S, DM12-6.5, DM12-7, FG20721, CBL12V7.0AH, LP12V7AH, LP12-6.5, LP12-7.0, LPL12-6.5, WP7-12, NP1270, PB12/7, PS-1270, RM12-7.2, RT1270E, CP1270


Application Backup and Standby Use
Chemistry Sealed Lead
Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 7Ah
Watt Hour 84.0Wh