Monthly Archives: March 2013

HD Digi-MOD Now Available

NEW HD SINGLE INPUT MODULATOR RLHD1000DM DVBT SINGLE INPUT HD DIGITAL with MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 Distribution digi-MOD® HD converts a HD source into High Definition DVB-T channel/s for distribution via RF cable. Simple to setup and installed within minutes, digi-MOD HD is ideal for all your domestic and commercial applications including homes, motels, hotels, bars, [...]

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Price Drop On Digital Modulators

Contact our sales team to get current pricing on single and quad modulators.       Email us at HOBART   SINGLE INPUT DIGITAL MODULATOR The RL-DM1100 is a single input DVB-T Modulator that allows you to distribute any AV source (Pay TV, DVD, PVR etc) around your home/commercial installation over coaxial cable with ease. This modulator can [...]

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MusicTooth PRO Wireless Music Adapter for iPhone/iPod

Following on from the success of the original 8ware MusicTooth, 8ware has introduced an alternate model – the MusicTooth PRO – which makes compatibility between virtually any speaker-system a possibility. While both models rely on similar technology, there are some specific differences with regards to compatibility and power which essentially differentiate them as wireless audio solutions. Where the original MusicTooth would [...]

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