AV & IR Senders

AV Senders



This product can transmit crystal clear sound and video up to 50 Metres via the 5.8 GHz band to avoid potential conflicts with wireless modems.


• No interference with 2.4 GHz wireless internet

• Hi-Power

• Remote control repeater built in

• NTSC and PAL video formats available

• 8 selectable channels

• Directional antenna

• Colour gift box



• 5.8 GHz

• No interference with wireless modems

• 75 metre line of sight range

• Remote extender

• Supports pay TV remote controls



• Extra receiver for SatKing AV Sender SK-58TR

• Supports pay TV remote controls

Remote Control Extenders

GC-IR01 Wireless Remote Extender

• Penetrates walls, doors, ceilings

• Provides clear reception up to 100 Metre

• No conflict with wireless modems

GC-IR02C Remote Extender via Coax

• Send remote signals via your RF coaxial cable

• No Chance of interference with other products

• Signals can pass through splitters

GC-IR02T Extra Transmitter for GC-IR02C

• Adds with existing GC-IR02C to use remote control

   in extra room

• Simply plug and play

• Uses existing cabling

SK-IR02 Remote Control Extender

• 100 Metre line of sight range

• Battery inserts into remote control for


• No need for IR receiver