TOA A1706

TOA A1706

A1706 A1706

  • Multiple Inputs / Outputs
    Featuring multiple mic inputs as well as three auxiliary inputs,the A-1700 Series of amplifiers have three different power ratings to select from depending on the venue. These units offer efficient mixing of as many as 9 differentinputs. If more aux inputs are required, mic inputs 5 and 6 can be switched over to accept line level inputs.
  • 2 Zone Capability
    Each A-1700 Series amplifier has 2 speaker output zones which can be independently selected or used together for enhanced PA applications.
  • Phantom Power Provided
    The A-1700 Series of amplifier provide phantom power to all connected microphones. Phantom power can switched on or off as needed. The microphone inputs feature a balanced configuration with XLR connectors, allowing long cable runs without any problems.
  • Equalization
    Each amplifier allows easy tonal adjustment of all output signals with bass and treble controls.
  • Connecting External
    Equipment For more sophisticated equalization such as minimizing feedback, a parametric equalizer or other gearcan be patched in before the power amplification stage. Other equipment such as a delay unit can also be connected if required. Alternately, to extend sound coverage, and additional power is needed to power other speakers, the line out terminal can be used to send the mix output to another power amplifier.
  • Remote Control Capability
    A-1700 Series amplifiers will respond to remote control signals, allowing remote volume adjustments and remote power on/off.
  • Record Output
    Each A-1700 Series amplifier back panel includes a record output for connecting an external recorder to archive or back up broadcasts.