digi-MOD IP


RL-IP1000 – HD IP Streaming Server

resi-linx “digi-MOD IP” RL-IP1000 HD Streaming Server allows you to stream any AV source/s to multiple HD TV’s or connected computers within the IP Network with ease.


The digi-MOD HD IP Streaming Server is perfect for all media applications including Digital Signage, HD Classrooms, Pro AV Systems, Homes, Corporate Board Rooms, CCTV IP Streaming and HD distribution over IP networks. digi-MOD IP can even be connected directly to the following brand TV’s without the requirement of IP-STB’s – an economical HD solution.

• Sony Bravia Series
• Samsung Smart TV
• LG Smart TV

Multiple input options
The IP Streamer accepts a HDMI, Component, Composite video, USB and both analogue and digital audio inputs, the RL-IP1000 can stream any content you require.
Features Table

  • HDMI, Component, Composite Video inputs with auto detection
  • Dual Mode H.264 AVC / MPEG-2 selectable
  • Video resolution: from 480i to 1080p
  • Analogue, Coaxial and Optical Audio Inputs
  • Audio format : MPEG1-Layer2(MP2), AAC,
  • AC-3 pass-through
  • Easy installation and use
  • Web based programming
  • GigE output port
  • Streaming Protocols
  • HTTP Server (DLNA)
  • UDP/RTP multicast
  • UDP/RTP unicast
  • TCP unicast


RL-IP6000 – IP HD Set Top Box

resi-linx “digi-MOD IP” Set Top Box is a cost effective IP receiver which receives HD content via IP and ouputs to your TV via HDMI and Component Video connections. Compact design allows installation is any enviroment with IR receiver included.



  • Video Resolution – Up to 1080p
  • HDMI and Component Video Outputs
  • Stereo Analogue Audio Outpout – via RCA
  • MPEG-2, H.264/AVC SD/HD Stream Decoding
  • 10/100M Base-T RJ45
  • Audio MDI/MDIX
  • IGMP Multicasting Programs
  • Support USB2.0 FAT Formay Only
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Light Weight
  • Compact Design