Router 3G/4G

NetComm ADSL2+/embedded 3G Modem/Router

Designed to deliver steadfast broadband Internet access using flexible ADSL2+ or 3G connection options, the Dual ADSL2+ / 3G Wireless N Gateway features automatic failover to give Internet critical homes and businesses a connection that never fails. This simple setup device lets you create and share a high-speed 300Mbps wireless network between multiple users, and connects up to 4 wired devices using the Ethernet ports.

  • 21Mbps quadband 850/900/1900/2100
  • 3G support, 4 port 10/100 switch
  • USB Storage and print server. (version 2)
  • Dual Internet connectivity

NetComm 3G18WV 3G/4G Wireless N300 VoIP

Connect to high-speed broadband Internet with your choice of a 3G USB or fixed line ADSL / cable connection, and create a personal WiFi zone for multiple devices on a single broadband account. The powerful 3G Wireless N300 VoIP Router also connects analogue phones to the Internet to offer a cost-effective landline alternative. Simply insert a 3G USB modem or LTE dongle into the USB 2.0 port for an instant and easily transportable broadband Internet connection without fixed line requirements. The Router also supports business continuity with automatic failover to 3G in the case of a fixed line dropout.

  • Wireless router with support for 3G Mobile Broadband and VoIP telephony
  • Instant Wireless hotspots to share the Internet connection of a 3G USB modem or DSL/Cable modem
  • FXS phone port for VoIP calls
  • Supports Wireless N standard
  • USB 2.0 host port supports 3G modems
  • Compatible with all 3G UMTS/ HSPA/ EV-DO/ USB modems
  • Two transmit/receive antennas WiFi antennas (1x internal, 1x external)
  • Firewall and full Wireless security