Blackhawk Log Periodic antenna 4G 5G for Telstra Cel-Fi

The Blackhawk LPDA Antenna is one of the most popular external antenna solutions for poor 3G / 4G voice and data service. This one antenna can be used on any mobile network, in any area without worrying about compatibility. It is the ideal roof-mounted antenna for Cel-Fi repeaters.

The LPDA antenna covers all cellular bands between the 700 and 4000 MHz range with a high peak gain which projects maximum energy in the direction of the cell tower, while maintaining a wide enough beam to capture signal reflections off nearby buildings, hills, and signal scattered by trees.

The antenna was redesigned in late 2019 to cover the new 3.5 GHz 5G band, making it now an ideal solution for LTE-A Pro and 5G high-speed connectivity when mounted in 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO configuration.

A Log Periodic Dipole Antenna, or LPDA for short, is a clever antenna design that provides exceptional wideband performance by phasing a series of elements together, much like an ordinary Yagi but with each successive element of a smaller (or larger) length. The result of this clever engineering is an antenna that holds high gain, with good tuning, across the entire cellular frequency range.


  • 11 dBi gain across lower bands 698 to 960 MHz
  • 12 dBi gain across bands 1710 to 2700 MHz
  • 12 dBi gain across upper bands 3300 to 4000 MHz
  • Ruggedised construction for Australian conditions
  • Fully welded, powder coat aluminium design
  • Stainless steel mounting clamp included
  • 30 cm tail with pre-terminated N Female connector
  • Ideal for Telstra Next-G and 4GX networks, Optus, and Vodafone 3G/4G & 5G


Telstra 14 dBi yagi blackhawk 4G 700 MHz 4GX

Blackhawk’s 14 dBi Yagi antenna is without a doubt the most popular installed 3G / 4GX antenna in Australia. This antenna is the ideal antenna for Cel-Fi GO repeaters that need to connect to a cell tower over a long distance.

With Telstra announcing the gradual shutdown of the Telstra 3G network over the next few years it’s critical that any antenna being installed today is compatible with the Telstra 4GX (700 MHz) network which has been implemented alongside it as its replacement.

The Yagi antenna is tuned to a 200 MHz bandwidth @ VSWR ~2:1 from 690 to 890 MHz. This allows the one high gain antenna to operate on both 850 MHz 3G and 700 MHz 4G without any major compromise in performance. Once the 3G network has been shut off the antenna will then provide connectivity over the 5G NR850 network which will take its place.

With a 14 dBi gain, the antenna is designed to operate in rural and regional areas, out to about 40 kilometres from the nearest base station. 14 dBi provides a good compromise between high gain and narrow beamwidth. Antennas need to maintain a reasonably wide beam (around 25 degrees in this case) to capture reflected and delayed radio paths that your device can digitally reconstruct.


  • Ruggedised fully welded construction for extreme conditions
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Mounting clamp included
  • 30 cm tail terminated with an N Female connector
  • The perfect solution for voice and data applications where high gain antennas are required
  • Ideal for fixed wireless terminals, mobile broadband internet and smart repeater applications


Wideband LPDA

The Blackhawk Mini LPDA is a small antenna that provides good performance with a lightweight, low-cost design. There’s plenty of situations where a big, solid metal antenna is necessary, but also plenty where something quick and small can be just as effective. This antenna is great for areas where the indoor signal is weak, and only a simple antenna on the roof is enough to give a fantastic improvement.

Log Periodic Dipole Arrays (LPDA) are a type of antenna which have a series of metal elements arranged in a triangular pattern, with smaller elements tuned to smaller wavelengths, and larger elements tuned to larger wavelengths. This allows one antenna to operate across the entire 700 to 2700 MHz 3G / 4G frequency range, along with the 5G Low-Band.


  • 9 dBi gain across lower bands 698 to 960 MHz
  • 10 dBi gain across upper bands 1695 to 2700 MHz
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Mounting clamp included
  • 30 cm tail with pre-terminated N Female connector
  • Optional 10 m of PT240 cable N Male – SMA Male connectors
  • Great cost-effective antenna.


Blackhawk high gain omni antenna for 4G 5G cellular

Blackhawk’s 4G-5G omnidirectional antennas provide high gain across the full cellular band 700 to 2700 MHz regardless of mounting direction, allowing quick and easy installation with no technical know-how required. This is the ideal omni-directional external antenna for Cel-Fi repeater systems.

Omni antennas are also great for moving plant and machinery. The antenna’s 6 dBi gain is considered a sweet-spot for maximum performance out to the horizon while still maintaining a wide enough vertical beam to tolerate tilting and pitching as equipment moves over rough ground, or deployed on uneven ground.

The true wideband performance has been achieved through a clever engineering design utilising multi-sized collinear radiators and microwave-grade combiners, demonstrating consistently high gain with exceptional azimuthal stability.


  • 6 dBi gain across lower bands 698 to 960 MHz
  • 6 dBi gain across upper bands 1695 to 2700 MHz
  • Ruggedised construction for Australian conditions
  • UV-stable PVC construction
  • Stainless steel L-bracket included
  • Integrated N Female connector
  • Optional 6 m or 10 m PT-240 low loss cable


Mars Panel Antenna 5dBi, 698-2700MHz + Mount

The MARS MA-CLTE-14 antenna is a fully IP65 weatherproof panel antenna that provides strong performance over all major 3G and 4G frequency bands. The antenna provides a consistent, stable 5 to 6.5 dBi gain across the 700 to 2700 MHz 4G LTE bands. As a single-port (SISO) antenna it is most commonly used to rebroadcast 4G signal when connected to a repeater. It can be found in many 4G repeater installations providing signal to areas immediately surrounding a house or building.

  • 5 dBi gain from 698 to 960 MHz
  • 6.5 dBi gain from 1710 to 2700 MHz

The antenna is aesthetic, small and has an unobtrusive profile that blends easily with any environment and can be easily used either for Indoor or Outdoor Applications and features different mounting options.