New Range of Resi-linx HD Modulators


Resi-linx HD1608


The HD-1608 is digi-MOD by ZyCast’s brand new HD single input MPEG-4(H.264) only DVB-T modulator. This unit has full menu via LCD display, superior MER resulting in higher quality picture and can be configurable for New Zealand TV systems too. The HD-1608 allows you to distribute any HD source around your home/business installation over coax cable with ease.

  • Most cost effective quality HD modulator on the market
  • Single input digital modulator encoding HDI video andstereo audio signals to MPEG-4 only(H.264) DVB-T COFDM TV channels
  • Compatible input resolutions 576i/720P/1080i& 1080P for high definition picture quality (ensure TV tuner is MPEG4/H.264 compatible)
  • Superior error rate(MER 39)
  • Full function front LCD display with menu driven configuration
  • New Zealand channel plan selectable
  • 2K/8K carriers
  • Adjustable VHF/UHF output(6-69)
  • 85dB launch with adjustable attenuation
  • Compact design
  • Silent operation-NO FAN NOISE!


Resi-linx HD4797



HD-4797 is a new HD 4-input MPEG-4 only DVB-T modulator. It’s ideal for any commercial RF network. The high quality HD design allows for watching action packed movies and sports channels on any HDTV. The space saving design delivers up to 4 high quality HD channels in a single 1RU space and features passive cooling – no fans!

This is ideal in multi-video distribution solutions for both residential and commercial applications for new TVs.

  • H.264 AVC
  • HDMI input, HDMI loop through and RF output
  • Built-in IR control
  • Gain control (20dB manual attenuation)
  • RJ-45 port for web management
  • Video resolution: Up to 1080p
  • Perfect, clean and clear HD picture on high motion video, sports, test crawls/rolls, etc
  • Front panel LCD dispaly for easy installation
  • Cool & “nearly” silent operation
  • Rack mountable 1RU height
  • 41dB MER


Video Input HDMI
Video Input Level 0.7-1.4V(peak to peak)
Video Mode PAL/NTSC
Audio Input Stereo
Audio Input Level 0.4-4.8V(p-to-p)
Frequency Range Local Country Available
Output Level 85 dBµV
MER >36 dB typ.
Video Resolution 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Video Compression H.264AVC (MPEG-4)
Audio Compression MPEG1 Layer II/ AAC
Carrier (OFDM Mode) 2K/ 8K
Guard Intercals 1/32
Code Rate(FEC) 7/8
Constellations 64-QAM
Power Supply 12 VDC 4 Amp
Consumption 1650 mA
Operating Temperature 0°C-45°C
Storage Temperature -10°C- 60°C
Language English
Dimension 482.7mm x 187mm x 44.4mm
Weight 2.76 Kg