Tasmanian Distributor for the New Satking VAST Decoder

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Active Electronics are proud to announce we have been working with Satking for the last year and a half for the development of the New Satking DVBS2-800CA Vast Satellite Decoder.


SatKing DVBS2-800CA VAST Certified 12VDC/240VAC Satellite Decoder



The SatKing DVBS2-800CA VAST Satellite certified high definition satellite receiver brings a new level of features to the Australian VAST platform. Designed with ease of use in mind customers will find this VAST receiver a pleasure to use. From first turn on you will notice the unit is super fast to turn on and scan in channels, the Optus VAST card is already loaded in the decoder for you. A large remote control with easy to read and use buttons with built in learning function to take over basic controls of your TV (no need for two remote controls any more). The compact design is a real winner measuring 220 mm in width and very low power consumption, well below 15 watts.  With PVR ready via USB as standard simply connect your external USB device to use to unit as a PVR. You will also find a fast operating and easy to read 8 day Electronic Program Guide (EPG).

The unit can be used for either VAST traveller customers (12 Volt) or VAST at home customers (240 Volt) via the included power pack. For self installation SatKing has developed an internal signal finder with an intensity beeper to assist with installations the higher the signal the faster the beeping and an electronic map built in to give you your coordinates for easier dish positioning. The unit also has a detailed electronic help guide and handy features like a USB speed test to test your USB device. For the VAST traveller caravan market the unit also has an optional IR target so you can place the VAST decoder in a cupboard and hide the unit out of sight also handy two place the unit behind large screen TV’s in home when you don’t want to look at the STB. Commercial installations and customers with older TV’s will find the built in RF modulator of great assistance, you can simply use the SatKing decoder on any TV new or old without any extra expense.



• Australian VAST certified
• High definition MPEG-4
• 12/240 Volt operation for home or RV use
• Compact size 220 mm x 180 mm x 47 mm
• Friendly bright coloured menu
• Signal finder with beeper
• USB PVR ready as standard (compatible with most drives and memory sticks)
• Large button remote with learning functions
• Fast operating 8 day EPG
• Infrared target (optional)
• Parental control
• Time shift function via PVR
• Program auto tune with reminder
• HDMI output
• Component output
• CVBS output
• RF modulator
• Digital audio (Coaxial & S/PDIF)
• Dolby digital audio
• LNB loop out (for connection to another decoder)
• USB-2.0
• USB speed test
• DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 supported
• Adjustable LNB settings
• Low power consumption (less than 15 W)
• Over the air software download supported
• Subtitles supported
• IRDETO secure silicon inside

Whether using this decoder for home or on the road, you’ll get access to all of the available VAST channels.  For those of you living in any state other than WA, the channels available via the VAST service are:

VAST Channels ABC, SBS, Imparja, Seven Central, Prime, WIN

VAST viewers will be able to receive all ABC digital television services including those from other states.

VAST Channels ABC, SBS, Imparja, Seven Central, Prime, WIN

VAST viewers will be able to receive all SBS digital television services including those from other states.

VAST Channels ABC, SBS, Imparja, Seven Central, Prime, WIN

Regional news feeds are also available (see channel 4 on VAST).    These news feeds are broadcast at various times throughout the evening.    This enables the viewer to catch up on local news as well as national   news from the commercial and public broadcast providers.

For those of you living in WA, all of the ABC and SBS channels will   be available to you also.  However, instead of receiving the commercial   channels Seven Central, Imparja and Ten, you will receive Prime and   Win.  See below:

VAST Channels ABC, SBS, Imparja, Seven Central, Prime, WIN



The Humax VAST HDR-1003S will be available in 2 model’s, you have the option with 500Gb Hard Drive or without 500Gb Hard Drive with the ability to upgrade with an optional 500Gb Hard Drive at a later date.


Access popular online content from the comfort of your living room.

The Humax TV Portal is your gateway to a host of extra catch-up and on-demand services. Simply hook up the receiver to your home network using Ethernet cable, powerline adaptors or a Humax wireless dongle, to access a wide range of services including Youtube, Picasa, Wiki@TV. (Contents subject to change. (Internet connection required) Additional services are planned for the near future.

Twin Tuner (Tri-Mode Enabled)

We’ve just doubled your pleasure.

Can’t decide on which show to record? Now there’s no need to choose between two shows. You can record both at the same time.

Chasing & Time Shift Playback
(2 hours buffering)

Time is in the palm of your hands.

You get to control time. Play back your show while it’s being recorded, pause it, and resume again when you’re ready. Or watch your favourite scenes again and again, and skip over parts you don’t want.

Play media files

Access your digital media files from any drive in your home.

Because our receiver can access your network, USB drive, or computer in your home, you can watch and listen to all your videos, photos, and music from one place.

Home Networking

Gather all your media and stream it anywhere at home.

Play back a wide range of audio and video content from compatible devices in your home network.

Catch up & VOD Service

Forgot to record? With ABC iview and SBS on Demand, you can catch up on episodes you’ve missed

With ABC iView and SBS on Demand, you can catch up on episodes you’ve missed and watch movies and TV with Quickflix (Contents subject to change. Internet connection required)

Series Recording

Record your favourite series through one time set-up

* Free series recording feature depends on broadcast network conditions and compatibility